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Gift Kumonrat

About Gift Kumonrat:

Age: 22
Sign: Cancer
Height: 5 Foot 3 Inch
Breasts: 33
Waist: 26
Hips: 36
Fav. Position: All Of Them
Fav. Flower: Gardenia
Fav. Color: White

Also Known As: Wong Siu Ying
Updates Featuring Gift Kumonrat

Gift Fantasies About her Teacher
90 photos     -     Added 08/14/2011

Gift Kumonrat is a hard working girl and she just got back home from her English lessons. She has a huge crush on her professor, but she was too afraid to make a move. Gift still felt horny after she saw him few minutes ago and she really needs to do something about it. That's why she commenced taking her school uniform off and just showing off her big tits and hot body. Enjoy observing Gift as she hits it hard on the floor.

Categories: Big Tits, Tattoo, Cosplay, Thai

Gift Kumonrat Displays her Big Tits
89 photos     -     Added 06/14/2009

After she was done working on her computer, lovely Gift Kumonrat decided that it is time for her to relax a bit. At first, she was just showing off her perfectly shaped ass and dancing around the room. Then, she began taking her clothes off and revealing the rest of her amazing figure. The moment you see her tits you will wish to shove your head in between them and just move your head left and right, really fast.

Categories: Big Tits, Tattoo, Bikini, Thai

Naughty Gify Is A Pro
Video Length: 9 minutes of video      -     Added 08/27/2008

Enjoy watching this amazing brunette while showing off her qualities and passion of making hot videos. This girl is definitely a natural when it comes to photo shooting. She knows exactly how to stand and what to do without anyone telling her. Gift Kumonrat starts off by standing against glass door and just pressing her hard nipples against it. Then, she goes down on the floor and starts pulling her underwear so you could see her hairy vagina.

Categories: Tattoo, Behind The Screen, Thai

Gift Enjoys Showing you her Way of Spa pleasure
90 photos     -     Added 07/20/2008

Every girl needs to relax from time to time and Gift Kumonrat decided to do that in front of cameras. She had a towel rapped around her amazing body and one in her hair. She was enjoying a lovely spa day and she just wanted to share it with you. That's why she put the towel down and revealed her big tits. She grabbed her boob and commenced squeezing it out of delight. See what else this gorgeous girl has prepared for your enjoyment!

Categories: Outdoors, Big Tits, Tattoo, Thai

Gym is Gift's New Stripping Place
90 photos     -     Added 12/24/2006

After she was done working out, lovely Gift Kumonrat felt really pumped up and she needed to have some other type of training. Once she made sure that she was alone at the gym, she commenced playing around and just stripping. Bit by bit, she was revealing her amazing body and rubbing herself in the process. Gift started using the machines in order to satisfy her lust and it really gave her an amazing thrill.

Categories: Outdoors, Sports, Big Tits, Tattoo, Bikini, Thai

Gift Strips after Basketball Game
90 photos     -     Added 03/12/2006

After a game of basketball with a bunch of guys, Gift Kumonrat came back home, but still feeling full of energy. She was turned on by all that testosterone that was surrounding her and that's why she needed to do something to get rid of it. She commenced taking her clothes off and just spreading her vagina, while it was pulsating out of excitement. She rubbed her tits and just enjoyed being able to please her own cravings.

Categories: Tattoo, Sports, Outdoors, Big Tits, Thai

Gift's Locker Room Orgasm
Video Length: 10 minutes of video      -     Added 11/02/2005

When sexy babe gets excited, she just needs to do something about it. Gift Kumonrat is in the locker room and she feels that if she doesn't do anything to fulfill her naughty cravings, she will explode. She opens the closet and grabs her toy. Once she took all of her clothes off, sexy babe shoved that toy inside of her in doggy position. The moment she felt it deep inside of her pussy, sexy brunette started moaning and squealing out of excitement.

Categories: Sports, Dildo, Masturbation, Tattoo, Self Help, Thai

Gift Gets Her Pleasure at Home
90 photos     -     Added 06/26/2005

Gift Kumonrat just came back home after disappointing date. She was looking forward of having a one night stand, but unfortunately nothing happened. That's why she needs to please her needs and just do what she knows best. Gift commenced taking her clothes off and just rubbing her bit tits. She felt so excited that she continued spreading her legs and tickling her hairy muffin. Gift is definitely one of those girls that you would love to bang.

Categories: Tattoo, Outdoors, Big Tits, Thai